My testosterones that of a man Strictlys Shirley Ballas breaks silence on health drama

GMB: Shirley Ballas reveals her health struggles

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Shirley Ballas, 61, has shared she has the “testosterone of a man” after eagle-eyed Strictly Come Dancing viewers urged her to seek medical advice for a lump they had spotted under her arm. The ballroom veteran has undergone several tests, as it turned out the lump was a “red herring” for blood tests she had undergone back in July, but had overlooked amid her busy schedule.

Shirley’s dilemma began last month when she flung her right arm in the air to display a point about a Paso Doble on Strictly.

She explained, “One, two, three viewers got in touch to say they thought they’d seen something under my arm.”

 “They kept saying, ‘Have you checked it?’ I get a lot of strange people hounding me, but then more people joined in, eight or nine, and I began to think, ‘Well, this can’t all be trolls.’”

So Shirley visited her NHS GP, who “prodded and poked around and said she couldn’t feel anything”.

It turns out the lump may have been a blessing in disguise, as it gave the doctor the chance to say they were concerned about Shirley’s previous blood test results.

“She said, ‘We tried to get hold of you, but you didn’t get back to us.’ Well, you know how you overlook things sometimes.”

The TV personality immediately took more tests and told The Times: “When they came back the GP wasn’t happy because my testosterone’s that of a man. 

“She said, ‘That’s alarmingly high. It can wreak havoc on the organs.'” Meanwhile, her oestrogen levels were “almost zero”.

Shirley has now had her ovaries, kidneys, and adrenal glands scanned at King’s College Hospital near her home in Dulwich, south London.

She has also given a fresh update on her Instagram while thanking people for their support.

“Follow up as promised. Today after not much sleep (my insomnia) @danieltayloresq and I took a trip to Kings College Hospital ultrasound department,” she wrote on Friday.

“Internal probe, ovaries, kidneys, adrenal glands. Then a scan on my tummy for another view. Hopefully results soon.

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“I believe the nurse could sense my anxiety and immediately put me at ease with her beautiful bedside manner.

“As embarrassing as it is for me to be examined, the Doctors and Nurses only have our best interests at heart.”

Two years ago, the Strictly star had her DD breast implants removed after being told they could block the signs of cancer being detected.

She will now be going back to the doctor who removed them for an extra check.

She added: “Can I say social media can be a negative place but in this case, I have only felt warmth and concern.

“The 1000s of messages I have received has been beautiful, thank you for sharing your own journeys with health.

“Ladies keep checking your bodies, no one knows your body better than you.

“I will also be taking a trip back to see Dr Norman Waterhouse who took out my implants for an extra breast check.”

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