Natasha Rothwell Is Rejecting the "Unfair" Pressure to Represent All Plus-Size Black Women

I think it’s safe to assume many Insecure fans have fallen in love with Natasha Rothwell’s portrayal of Kelli over these past five seasons. It’s almost bittersweet to think we won’t get any more of those funny one-liners or “real” moments with her character. Still, Natasha’s performance will always be remembered for giving grace to other women who saw a part of themselves in her.

However, as the show’s final season comes to an end, Natasha wants to remind viewers that her character is not a caricature of plus-size Black women and shouldn’t be treated as their only source of representation. “It is a lot of weight for any show to carry when they are the only one tackling the humanity of people,” Natasha told gal-dem in a recent interview. “People want to hang their experiences as a plus-size Black woman on me.”

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