Nicole Kidman’s niece is basically her twin

When Nicole Kidman attended the 2019 Australian premiere of the film Destroyer, the actress brought with her her then-19-year-old niece, Lucia Hawley. Seeing the two women side by side, you’d immediately spot the resemblance. In fact, Hawley looks so much like her aunt that you might think you’re seeing double — and that’s even with Hawley donning an all-black ensemble and Kidman wearing the complete opposite with a bright white pantsuit.

“I’ve got my niece here right now. She’s so cute!” Kidman gushed to the Australian Associated Press (via MSN) during the red carpet event. The Big Little Lies actress continued, telling reporters, “She loves coming to these because she gets to see a whole different side to film making.” Holding hands, the duo smiled and posed for photographs while Kidman also spoke of her lead role in the film.

This wasn’t the first time Hawley had accompanied her famous auntie on the red carpet, which has some wondering if she might follow in Kidman’s footsteps and become a household name herself. Here’s everything we know about Nicole Kidman’s niece Lucia Hawley and her career ambitions.

She looks a whole lot like her mom

There’s no denying how much Lucia Hawley resembles her aunt, but she also looks a whole lot like her mom — Nicole Kidman’s younger sister — Antonia Kidman. Although her physical features are similar to her big sister’s, Antonia isn’t an actress. Instead, she works as a journalist and television presenter, and, in 2019, she graduated from law school. Ahead of her graduation, she told The Sunday Herald Sun that she plans to pursue a career as a lawyer. 

Though she doesn’t desire a career in Hollywood, Antonia has accompanied Nicole to red carpet events — and that’s when we noticed just how similar these two sisters look. In 2016, HelloGiggles dubbed Antonia “basically [Nicole’s] brunette twin” and, well, they’re not wrong. Unlike Nicole, who has blonde hair and light eyes, Antonia has dark hair and brown eyes. Since Lucia Hawley’s features are pretty much smack dab in the middle, she looks like both her aunt and her mom.

She's always been close with her famous aunt

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more of Hawley — but she’s actually been close with Aunt Nicole ever since she was little. In 2008, when Hawley was just 9 years old, People reported that Kidman brought her and her young brother — wearing their Sunday best — to the Blessed Mary MacKillop Church in North Sydney, Australia to attend Easter Sunday mass as a family. 

In 2010, when Hawley’s mother married her second husband, Craig Marran, a guest told The Sydney Morning Herald that Hawley and her siblings followed their famous aunt around like “the Pied Piper” all night long. Like a good version of the Pied Piper, we hope. Can you blame them, though? We all have our own version of the “cool aunt,” but there may be nothing cooler than having an aunt who is an actual movie star, right? We’d follow her around too.

Her parents divorced when she was young

In April 2007, Lucia Hawley’s dad, Angus Hawley, and Antonia Kidman decided to end their marriage. In 2009, Angus spoke with Women’s Day (via The Daily Telegraph) about the reasons behind his and Kidman’s divorce — which came just one month after the birth of the couple’s fourth child, Sybella. “I was depressed, out of control and full of self-loathing, and I resorted to drugs to get through it,” he admitted to the publication. “I wasn’t in a happy place and it was an appalling thing, but I was sick, and at least I was big enough to do something about it.” Angus further revealed, “At its worst, I didn’t want to be alive. Of course, it affected my marriage.”

Angus went on to seek treatment for his depression and drug addiction at an Australian clinic. Nevertheless, the couple stayed in touch and he continued to have a relationship with Lucia and his three other children with Kidman.

She lost her father at a young age

Although Angus Hawley battled with drug addiction for a time in his early 40s, he later transformed into the epitome of health — which made it even more shocking when he suddenly passed away from a suspected heart attack at the age of 46.

Lucia Hawley’s uncle and Angus’ brother, David Hawley, spoke with Daily Mail Australia about his sibling’s death. “It’s a real shock,” he revealed, “he was one of the fittest men I’ve ever met — he’s swimming everyday.” David explained that his brother had never, to the best of his knowledge, experienced any heart problems ahead of his death. “He did go for a big swim in the morning, he trains very hard,” David said, trying to make sense of his brother’s passing. He went on, “I think his body clock was round the wrong way and it just got everything round the wrong way and he’s overdone it.”

In June 2018, several years after Angus’ death, Lucia spoke about losing him. “The loss was excruciating,” The Daily Telegraph quotes her as saying. “At 16 years old, processing this was tough.”

She lost her grandfather less than a year earlier

As Lucia Hawley revealed at a ceremony celebrating the legacy of her grandfather, Antony Kidman, the young woman experienced the loss of her grandfather just eight short months before her father “shockingly and unexpectedly” passed away (via The Daily Telegraph). Hawley’s grandfather was a former biochemist and renowned psychologist who, back in the ’80s, opened a mental health unit at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. “He was always searching for a way to make people’s lives easier, especially those who are struggling,” the then-19-year-old said. After his death, the university renamed the unit “the Kidman Centre” in his honor.

While speaking at the ceremony, Hawley admitted that she never expected to have mental health issues, but went on to experience devastating grief after personally experiencing loss. However, she revealed that she “channeled” her grandfather during that time to help her get through it.

She was present for the birth of her little sister

After Lucia Hawley was born, her parents welcomed Hamish “Hamey” Hawley about three years later. Next came James and then Sybella Ann. Lucia had the unique experience of being present for the birth of her only sister. “I asked Lucia beforehand if she’d like to come to the hospital to see the birth of her sibling,” mother Antonia Kidman wrote in an article for New Day (via People). “It was something she was very keen to be a part of.”

She continued, writing, “Having my daughter there to watch her sister come into this world was such a wonderful moment and hopefully it was a bonding experience for the girls themselves.” Following Sybella’s birth, Kidman revealed that Hawley lovingly stroked her mom’s forehead. “It’s not often a daughter comforts her mother,” she wrote, “but this was one such time and it will be forever in my memory.” 

After remarrying, Kidman went on to welcome two additional children, Nicholas and Alexander, with husband Craig Marran. This makes Lucia Hawley the oldest of her mom’s six kiddos.

Her mom may not want her to become famous

With Hawley spending more and more time in front of the camera at red carpet events, you can’t help but wonder if she is going to take up acting in some capacity. “Something tells me that Nicole Kidman and [Keith Urban’s] niece Lucia Hawley will be pursuing a career as an actress,” one fan tweeted in January 2019. “Nicole said that Lucia loves attending the Red Carpet events.” That is indeed what Hawley’s aunt told the Australian Associated Press (via MSN). Hmm. But what would Antonia think of her daughter becoming an actress?

Woman’s Day (via MSN) reported that she’s not too keen on the idea. “Antonia’s watching all this from afar with a sinking feeling because she’s seen youngsters catapult to fame before and she fears it’s all too much too soon,” a friend of the Kidman family allegedly told the publication. “She supports Lucia’s dreams, and it’s great Nic’s helping, but she doesn’t want Lucia to rush into anything,” she added. “She’s still young and there’s plenty of time.”  She’s got a point.

Hawley doesn't want to be an actress

As an adult, Lucia Hawley has the ability to choose her own career. “I am moving out now so things are about to get real,” she said when speaking to Confidential (via The Daily Telegraph). Sorry, mom. Even with Hawley heading out on her own, Antonia Kidman may not have to worry too much about her daughter becoming an actress. “It won’t be show business,” Hawley further told the publication, putting an end to the speculation that she would follow in her aunt’s footsteps.

Even if Nicole Kidman did want her niece to get into acting, she probably wouldn’t be able to force her. The actress said of her own children to Vanity Fair: “You can’t really get kids into anything, I’ve realized. You can push them a bit, but motivation is a really hard thing. I mean, nobody motivated me to be an actor; if anything they tried to deter me.”

She's studying at Sydney University

So, what does Nicole Kidman’s niece Lucia Hawley want to do with her life? “Probably journalism.” Or, at least that’s what she told reporters when attending the Destroyer premiere with her aunt, according to The Daily Telegraph. “I am thinking about what I want to do,” she further explained. “I am loving uni, it is fantastic, like the best years of your life.” In February 2019, The Daily Telegraph reported that Hawley is studying at Sydney University. It seems Hawley is more likely to follow in her mom’s footsteps than Nicole’s. Of course, even if she decided to pursue journalism now, she could later switch gears — just like her mom. 

In April 2019, Nicole shared a photo of her sister clad in cap and gown on Instagram. “Congratulations to my darling sister who graduated with her law degree two days ago,” she captioned the picture. “Studying, raising [six] kids and starting a new phase in her career, and she’s doing it all with grace and humility.” Whether Lucia Hawley becomes a journalist, lawyer, actress, or any other sort of professional, you can bet the women in her life will fully support her.

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