Olly Murs pictured in knee brace as he shares surgery update after he fearing ‘the worst’

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Olly Murs, 37, has shared how he was recovering in an interview with Carol Vorderman yesterday. The singer had leg surgery a few weeks ago as he explained how it was healing ahead of his gigs.

Olly was on stage when he felt his knee pop a few weeks ago.

The Voice coach later admitted he had been rushed into surgery to operate it on his Instagram.

At the time, he explained to his 3.6 million followers: “Basically, after my second song, a fragment of bone that was in my knee managed – after I jumped – to lodge itself on the back of my knee, which basically shut my leg down.

“During the gig, I was just limping the whole time, I couldn’t believe it.

“So, basically I’m in, I’ve had the surgery.”

Now the star has opened up about how he’s been recovering in a new interview.

He said when he appeared on BBC Radio Wales yesterday how he was not “100 per cent” yet.

Speaking about the injury, the singer said: “For anyone that knows me, two years ago I had a reconstruction on my knee.

“For the last two years I’ve been doing all this physio, all this rehab so I instantly thought the worst, my knee has gone again.”

Thankfully this wasn’t what had happened as instead bone fragments had become lodged in his knee.

Olly went on to explain how he is recovering now to Carol.

“It’s all been removed, it’s all been tidied up,” he continued.

“I’ve been working so hard the last two weeks so for anyone coming to Swansea tomorrow, I’m going to give it absolutely everything.

“It’s not going to be 100 per cent of me but you’ll get 100 per cent of heart and commitment.

“I might not move around as much but I’ll be giving it my all.”

Olly returned to the stage yesterday with his first gig back at Newbury Racecourse.

However, not everything went to plan as he was hit with something which left his eye “stinging”.

Posting on Instagram, he said: “We did it!

“What a show at Newbury yesterday!

“HUGE shout out to my physio @johngreenphysiotherapy & @serena_ortho for the knee brace.

“Yesterday wouldn’t have been possible without you John! What a guy! Helped me so much!!

“Thanks to everyone that came, what a crowd and thanks for the sun cream.

“My b****y eyes are still stinging.”

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