Open Post: Hosted By IHOP Pulling Another Name Changing Stunt

IHOP must really love disappointing people and also (weirdly) Puff Daddy because it’s taking a page from P-Diddy’s change-your–name-for-no-reason book. IHOP tried this stunt before before by changing the P in IHOP to a B to promote the new line of burgers that nobody going to the International House of Fucking Pancakes would ever order. They were never serious with that stupid IHOB shit. But they’re back at it. April was National Recycling Month, but IHOP must be celebrating it a month later, because they’re recycling the same tired name changing stunt.

They tweeted this yesterday:

So the P will no longer stand for Pancakes?! Fine, you publicity whores, if you must change your name at least keep the P. But then they go ahead and ask the internet to guess what the P means? I mean….who thought this was going to end well? It’s penis! The internet is going to always answer with penis. Well the internet did its job and answered with penis, but then some got creative and did pussy and pee-pee and even puppies.

So I have no idea who is running IHOP’s marketing but they are either a evil genius or a full blown moron. America doesn’t like change and it certainly doesn’t like change when it comes to pancakes. We have a lot going on right now and we don’t want to live in uncertainty of not knowing what’s going to happen to beloved overpriced pancake chain’s P? It’s all too much. I’m going back to bed. Wake me up when it’s June 3rd and if the P doesn’t stand for penis I’m forever boycotting them.


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