Peter Andre fans gush over daughter Princess’ lookalike features in new snap

Princess Andre has been compared to her dad, Peter Andre, in her latest post to social media.

Sharing a snap of herself on Instagram, the 15 year old told 539k followers that she was getting ready to return to school, lamenting how quickly the summer holidays had passed.

Princess captioned the snap "How quick are the summer holidays going, can’t believe there’s only a few weeks left!", as well as including a discount code and some information about the white crop top t-shirt and green joggers she wore for the snap.

But the focus of her followers' attention was solely on her likeness to dad, Peter, and mum, Katie Price – with people gushing and showering the teen with compliments.

The first to pay her a compliment was Peter himself, with the 49 year old dad-of-four writing: "Love you bist [red heart emoji]".

One fan was quick to compare Princess to mum Katie, writing: "Goes by very Quickly just like your mum Princess your hair is beautiful."

Another wrote "So like mum here @officialprincess_andre", while a third person said: "So much like Katie when she was younger xxx".

But fans were not just comparing Princess to her model mum, but also her popstar dad.

One user said: "Beautiful girl x look so much like your dad x".

A second added: "She is the spit of her dad not Katie."

But this isn't the first time the two have been compared this week, with many fans making the comparison after Peter posted a throwback photo from the 90s to his Instagram.

The Mysterious Girl singer could be seen with incredibly curly hair, like Princess, and captioned the post: "Mysterious curls: Throwback Thursday with my awesome cousin back in early 90s."

Fans were quick to call out the similarities between the two, even though Peter now opts for straight hair, rather than curls.

One person wrote: "Explains where princess gets her curls from!"

A second said "Princess looks so much like you in this photo", while a third fan wrote "See where princess gets her beauty from".

Some also saw a resemblance between his cousin and Princess, writing: "Princess is so like your cousin."

Another added: "I thought at a quick first glance it was Princess! Hope all good with you x".

A third said: "Wow your daughter looks like your lovely cousin."

Peter has spoken previously about his curly hair, opening up about how bullying has left him unable to leave the house without straightening his curls after he was targeted in Australia due to his Greek heritage.

Speaking to the Mirror last month, Peter admitted that he was traumatised by the racist bullies and that it still has an impact on him to this day.

He said: "In the early years in Australia, I suffered a lot of racism. It was a rough time.

"Not only were we the only Greeks on the Gold Coast, but I had an English accent, curly hair, a big nose – and we really stood out. I still straighten my hair because the curly hair reminds me of me being that little kid and those kids calling me what they did at school."

He continued: “I wouldn’t just turn up to an event with full curly hair. I just can’t bring myself to do it, even now, and I’ve had therapy. I still see what those kids called me when I look in the mirror.”


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