Peter Kay addresses ‘embarrassing’ backstage moment with Mamma Mia! star ‘I was mortified’

Peter Kay reveals 'embarrassing' Mamma Mia anecdote

Comedian Peter Kay, 47, caught up with BBC Radio 2 presenter Cat Deeley this morning, where he revealed discussed going to see the stage edition of Mamma Mia. The pair began by humorously mocking the film’s star Piece Brosnan’s singing. Cat said his singing “didn’t work”, to which Peter added: “And they brought him back for the sequel!”

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Peter went on to recall the “embarrassing” moment he congratulated one of the stars in the show on her marriage, believing it was real.

He explained to listeners: “I went to watch Mamma Mia, the stage version, and I loved it and I don’t want to ruin it, but she gets married at the end.

“They go off into the moonlight to, [the song] I have a dream.

“I got a bit emotional and anyway, I knew the stage manager and she said, ‘Come back’.

“So, I went back and the main girl she said, ‘Lovely to meet you’ and I said, ‘Congratulations!”

“And she said, ‘Why?’”

Recalling his reply, Peter said he reminded her she had just got married.

He added of her reaction: “She looked at me as if to say, ‘This is a play, this is a musical and this is real life’.

“I was mortified, I was so wrapped up in it, I said ‘Congratulations on getting married!’

“It was so embarrassing. I nearly got her a gift card!”

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