Phillies Fan Crushed By Security After Racing Onto Field During NLCS Win

An overzealous Phillies fan learned the hard way he should’ve just celebrated his team’s NLCS win from his seat Tuesday night  … ’cause when he tried to race onto the field to cheer on his squad, he got LEVELED by a security guard.

The man’s ill-advised jaunt in the outfield of Citizens Bank Park happened just seconds after Philadelphia put the finishing touches on its 10-0, Game 2 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

You can see in video shot by a fan at the game … the field invader hopped over an outfield wall and sprinted across the turf — only to be met by a security guard who looked like an NFL linebacker.

The official put the Philly fan right to the ground with a form tackle that was so pure … even Phillies players couldn’t help but notice the action as they high-fived a few hundred feet away.

The man was ultimately swarmed by a slew of other stadium workers … and once he got to his feet, blood could be seen trickling from his mouth area.

Unclear if the dude was arrested or punished any further … but if not, we’re pretty sure the aches and pain from the tackle will be enough to deter him from similar acts moving forward.

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