Quando Rondo Slammed for Invading Lil Durks OTF Clubhouse Room

After the 22-year-old ‘I Remember’ spitter crashes a Clubhouse chat room which is dominated by Only The Family members, one of its rappers Doodie Lo decides to leave the discussion.

AceShowbizQuando Rondo was clearly not welcomed by members of Lil Durk‘s Only The Family (OTF). After invading their Clubhouse room on Sunday, December 5, the “I Remember” rapper found himself being slammed by some upset users.

After the 22-year-old star entered the chat room, one person argued, “Y’all some lame-a** n***as.” Another then blasted him, “Quando Rondo, you p***y too! Y’all let the police in here!”

Unbothered by the attack, Rondo trolled them back. “Man, y’all got some bad b***hes in your s**t. I ain’t lying,” the emcee shouted.” In response, OTF rapper Doodie Lo declared that he’s about to exit the group.

“Man, what y’all boys talking about. Man, I’m trying to play the game. Add me on [Call of Duty],” Rondo further stressed while laughing. Doodie Lo then proceeded to leave the Clubhouse chat room.

Rondo has been beefing with Durk, who was close to King Von, since his associate Lul Timm allegedly killed Von in an Atlanta hookah lounge on November 6, 2020. Timm was then arrested and booked into Fulton County Jail after he became a suspect of Von’s killer. He was released in March this year on a $100,000 bond.

In the wake of Von’s death, many attacked the Georgia native and even sent him death threats. He also divulged in June that people are “terrified” to book him on shows because of his alleged involvement in the incident.

“Nobody wanna book me ’cause they terrified,” he said in an interview with ALL AROUND TV. “That’s the truth. Big bruh, man, so many people callin’ like, man, big bruh. I wish the fans let that s**t go, like, big bruh. The longer y’all talk about it…why is y’all hyping this s**t up.”

However, Rondo recently announced that he will go on tour with Timm. “See, Lul Timm about to get out up under there and we’re going up on tour,” the rapper pointed out. “We telling all our supporters that we ain’t on no f**k s**t. Everything’s cordial… Man, tell these people they good.”

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