Quavo & Girlfriend Catch Bouquet & Garter at Sister's Wedding

Quavo might very well be the next Migo to walk down the aisle, if what went down at his sister’s wedding is any indication … and conventional wisdom tells us it kinda was. 

The rapper was down near Atlanta Saturday night for his sibling’s nuptials, where he and fellow ATL artist, Jacquees, were doing their thing on the mic while the rest of the guests enjoyed a free show. Hey, sometimes it pays to have famous family members … they’ll do your wedding!

Soon enough, the shindig became a crystal ball of sorts for Huncho and his girlfriend — fellow MC, Saweetie. The reason … each of them got their hands on two pretty important things that bode well for the relationship — the bouquet and garter, respectively. 

It looks like Saweetie caught the bouquet first, and Quavo definitely hinted at marriage by writing on Instagram, “GUESS WE NEXT.” She eventually responded, “Yesssssir.”

As if that wasn’t enough of a prediction … Quavo actually caught the freakin’ garter too, and then put it on Saweetie’s leg. That pretty much seals it, right?

The couple has been linked together since at least the end of summer last year, when they collab’d on a music video of his. Since then, they’ve been practically inseparable. 

We’ll be looking out for the RSVP … mazel!

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