Richard Hammond opens up on being weighed down by pressure of filming The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour: Official trailer for Carnage A Trois

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Richard Hammond recently explained how there’s a lot of pressure that comes with filming The Grand Tour. However, chatting with media including ahead of the latest episode, he shared why the newest outing felt different.

Richard will soon be reuniting with his co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May.

The trio will be back for their new special called Carnage A Trois.

The focus of the episode will be on French cars, as the team discuss some misconceptions about French drivers.

Despite its focus, it was actually filmed in the UK due to coronavirus restrictions.

However, according to Richard, this actually came with its benefits.

Among these was the feeling of less “pressure” when they got filming this outing, as well as their previous special in Scotland.

Richard explained: “It was really great making those shows because we weren’t carrying the extra weight of a big expedition.

“Getting us lots across, wherever we are, Mozambique, Mongolia, it’s a big task.

“And that necessarily forms a big part of what we’re doing and it’s great and people love that.

“But we couldn’t do that so what we did instead was focus on the story.

“And not being weighed down by all that pressure to do the big adventure, actually it gave it quite a relaxed feel.”

Richard then added: “I think the shows were quite matey, they were quite friendly, they were quite warm.

“And you get that sense coming through, which is good.

“I hope so anyway, we liked it.”

Elsewhere in the same chat, Richard also opened up about his connection with his co-stars.

He admitted he can almost predict what they’ll say next after working with them for such a long time.

Richard explained: “There’s always a moment, a first moment on any of these trips, when the cameras are set up, directors call to action, and it’s like we’re stepping back into a world that’s been there all the time.

“But we’ve not been away from it.

“It just immediately picks up because we’ve worked together in so many different circumstances.

“And we’ve done live shows together and we spent a lot of time together.”

The Grand Tour: Carnage A Trois is released on December 17.

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