Richard Madden & Amy Adams Reflect on Filming Intimate Scenes

Richard Madden and Amy Adams are featured in Variety‘s new Actors on Actors feature.

The pair swapped stories about filming nude scenes in various projects.

Richard asked Amy “How do you get your head into that?” while filming her intimate scenes for Sharp Objects.

Amy responded, “Whiskey. No, I didn’t drink at all except once, and that was because I felt the character had to come from such a raw place and her need had to be there. That was scary for me to go to a place of that deep dysfunction. And intimacy is so personal. It’s not easy. None of it’s easy for me. But what about you?”

Richard added for himself, “I always find that there’s something when you’ve not got your clothes on, when you are in bed with someone, there’s a way you speak to each other, there’s a side that you expose that we just couldn’t do if we were both fully dressed in bed.”

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