Shayne Ward invites fellow X Factor star Chico Slimani to sing at his wedding

Could you imagine walking down the aisle at your lavish wedding then arriving at the altar to be asked: “What time is it? Chico Time, of course”?

That’s what Shayne Ward’s poor fiancee Sophie Austin can expect at their upcoming nuptials as the former Corrie actor is signing up hip-shaking joker Chico Slimani to perform on their big day.

When asked who will take to the stage, Shayne, 34, revealed: “Chico!”

And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also planning a much bigger X Factor reunion.

“James Arthur. I adore his voice. So he would be amazing,” says Shayne.

“I’d also like to go back to my year. I’d get Andy Abraham and Brenda Edwards back on. And Chico!

“Journey South… get Fleur East to rejoin Addictiv Ladies when she was on the show… let’s do it, let’s have a reunion!”

The actor proposed to Sophie, 35, with whom he has a daughter, in 2017.

Shayne won The X Factor in 2005 competing against Chico, 48, who reached the quarter-finals of the ITV reality show.

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