Sia bought groceries and gift cards for people at Walmart, said she’d won the lottery

— Calex (@alxfromcostco) November 28, 2019

In October, Sia opened up in a tweet about living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a collection of conditions that affect connective tissue in skin, tendons, ligaments and internal organs. Sia explained that she has chronic pain because of EDS. In her tweet, she spoke directly to her fans who also might be living with pain and told them she loved them and to keep going.

Those incredibly kind words aren’t the only gift Sia has given to her fans. Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, she went to a Walmart in Palm Springs and started paying for people’s groceries. She told people that her name was “Cici” and that she’d just won the lottery. She didn’t manage to stay undercover for long; a few people recognized her despite her efforts to stay undercover throughout her career, and customers posted video to Twitter:

— Adri Buckles (@mexican_locaaa) November 28, 2019

This video overlaps a bit with the above, but in it, Sia has a really sweet conversation with the child in the cart, who is very interested in what Sia’s doing:

— WhoLeeOoh (@WhoLeeeeOh) November 28, 2019

She also happily posed for pictures, too:

— giselle (@gisellenjh) November 28, 2019

— WhoLeeOoh (@WhoLeeeeOh) November 28, 2019

WhoLeeeeOh wrote in another tweet that mexican_locaaa said that Sia was telling everyone her name was Cici, which you can hear in the videos, and that she’d won the lottery. She also went to a nearby TJ Maxx and paid for people’s purchases too! I’d love to be able to walk into a store and pay for people’s groceries. This is such a beautiful gesture by Sia. You can tell that she’s trying to be low-key about it, and seems genuinely moved when a customer gives her flowers as a thank-you (in the first video). I’m sure these folks all had a great Thanksgiving. I hope everyone reading this did, too!

— elsie (@elsiehurtadoo) November 28, 2019

— Awwkwardddd (@awwkwardddd) November 28, 2019

— Dorin (@Intofurler) November 28, 2019

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