Stacey Solomon praised for honest parenting post as she appeals to fans for advice

Stacey Solomon has been praised by fans for her honest parenting post on Instagram.

In the image, the doting mum of three can be seen spending “one on one” time with her eldest son, Leighton.

And noticeably visible is the 29 year old’s breast pump as she sits in her bra.

Alongside the image, the Loose Women star revealed how “proud” she was that she could sit in front of her sons like that without them batting an eyelid.

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Writing to her 1.8 followers, Stacey exclaimed: “Knowing that my boys don’t bat an eyelid that I’m sat playing with them whilst milking myself, or that I have to whack my boob out every hour makes me extremely proud.

“Trying to get a bit of one on one time with my big baby today in between feeds. Feel like I’ve neglected the boys over the last few weeks trying to get into a feeding pattern.”

The TV star went on to explain how she felt guilty as she persevered with breastfeeding, despite her two elder sons being so understanding with her.

Stacey continued: “I haven’t managed to get into one yet (IS THAT NORMAL??). I’ve now got to the point where I can’t expect them to entertain themselves any longer.

“The fact that they’ve been so amazing and understanding has made it a lot easier for me but also meant the guilt has set in a little stronger because they’re just so bloomin good.”

And appealing for advice from her followers, she finished: “I really do need to get out of the house at some point in the near future too before I go stir crazy but honestly, the thought of having to wear actual clothes and interact with other humans is really daunting. “When did anyone else leave the house after birth? Is 3 weeks too long? Send help…”

People were quick to reply to Stacey in their numbers, with Luisa Zissman commenting: “Your a saint! Hats off to your determination for feeding, much more staying power than I had.”

Another user replied: “My baby is 5 months and breastfed and we’ve never ever got into a pattern. I just follow his cues! Love how open and positive you’re being about breastfeeding! X.”

While a third wrote: “Completely normal! It took me 6-8 weeks to see a feeding pattern start to appear. You are doing an amazing job. You leave the house when you feel ready xx

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