Stresses me out BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker admits he lost his cool over house mishap

BBC Breakfast: Dan Walker and Luxmy Gopal open show

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BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker took to social media earlier this evening to share some insight into his life off the screen. The broadcaster was quizzed on his Strictly experience as well as what gets on his nerves.

As he took the train into London today to record a new show, Dan invited fans to ask him questions.

One follower wanted to know how he managed to stay so “calm” all of the time.

David Edmondson penned: “Your always very calm, composed and polite. (sic)

“When was the last time you really lost your cool?”

In response, Dan admitted there was one thing that leaves him really stressed out.

He replied: “When I lost my keys” with a laughing emoji.

Dan then continued: “Only thing that stresses me out.”

This isn’t the first time Dan has opened up about the housing mishap.

Back in February, he shared how it’s the thing that makes him the most stressed.

He told Irish News: “Only one thing stresses me out – losing my keys.

“I’m not a stressed person, but I lost my keys about six months ago and spent two hours running round the house like a lunatic trying to find them.

“They were by the door.

“Exercise helps with stress, as does my life perspective. And I do like hitting golf balls.”

Elsewhere, Dan has been fronting BBC Breakfast without his usual co-host this week.

At the start of the week, he presented by himself before later introducing some new co-presenters.

Yesterday, he appeared alongside Luxmy Gopal on the iconic red sofa.

Addressing the switch-up, he penned: “I’ve got a friend this morning

“Back on #BBCBreakfast with @luxmy_g.

“We’re here until 915 so feel free to grab a brew / turkey sandwich and join in.”

Wednesday then saw the star with another new presenter.

He was joined on the morning show by Katherine Downes as he shared an update.

He penned on Twitter: “Morning all. Another day on the #BBCBreakfast sofa… another co-host.

“@KDownesBBC is in the chair today and is beautifully twinned in green with @JohnWatsonSport. We are with you until just after 9am.”

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