Sue Radford’s back to school prep for 22 kids including £400 uniforms

Heading back to school in September can be a daunting task for any mum, especially when you have a long list of children to get ready for their big day ahead.

Sue Radford, star of Channel 5's show 22 Kids and Counting, has a clever trick on how she gets her children back to school smoothly, from ordering uniforms online to prepping their breakfast in advance.

The family is made up of parents Sue and Noel and their 22 children, Chris, 34, Sophie, 29, Chloe, 28, Jack, 26, Daniel, 24, Luke, 22, Millie, 21, Katie, 20, James, 19, Ellie, 18, Aimee, 17, Josh, 16, Max, 14, Tillie, 13, Oscar, 11, Casper, 10, Hallie, eight, Phoebe, seven, Archie, five, Bonnie, four, and Heidie, three.

While some of their offspring are all grown up with their own children, they still have a busy school schedule to contend with as September rolls in, here's how Sue prepares…

£400 school uniform order

While the family are currently enjoying an action-packed holiday in Orlando, Florida, fans were left concerned that Sue had left back to school preparations last minute.

One wrote: "bit worried you’ve left school uniform til last"

But luckily for Sue, she is well ahead having planned way in advance.

Replying to the comment on Instagram, the mum wrote: "Thankfully I ordered uniform and school shoes before we left."

However, she added that some school supplies are still needed including stationary, school bags, trainers, and water bottles which she will pick up from her local post office when they return.

Buying uniforms and school supplies can't come cheap for such a large family as Sue revealed on their Channel 5 show that one year they spent a staggering £417 on school uniforms for September.

Clothes laid out

Another way that the mum ensures everything runs smoothly in the Radford household, is laying everything out the night before.

From their uniforms, socks, water bottles and lunch boxes, Sue is on a mission to make it as easy as possible when it comes to the school run.

Speaking of preparing the kid's packed lunches, Sue previously told The Sun: "If I'm doing a packed lunch for everybody, it’s two loaves of bread, three packets of sausage rolls, 24 packets of crisps, a bottle of cordial, it’s massive."

Three school runs

Inevitably, all of their children of different ages no longer go to the same school, which can certainly make the school run complicated.

The doting mum previously shared that her children are enrolled at three different schools, meaning three school drop-offs.

Bumper breakfast

It's no surprise that breakfast comes at a cost too, as the family get through four litres of milk and two boxes of cereal every day.

To ensure the children get easy access to breakfast in the school mornings, the parents revealed that they lay cereal out for everyone to grab.

Sue provided fans with a glimpse inside their enormous £400 weekly shop complete with 20 pints of milk, 12 cartons of juice and three chickens.

Bedtime snack

To help her children have a "full night's sleep", Sue explained that she gives them a bedtime snack

She said: "To us, this is important as the children always seem to be hungry and they won’t want to go to bed feeling that way.

"Just a small snack (such as cereal) will help them have a full night's sleep in our experience."

While it must be difficult to get all the Radford children to bed on time, Sue has another handy trick up her sleeve.

Talking to Sleepy People, she said: "My top tip for getting your children to bed is ‘Routine Routine Routine".

She added that it benefits her children and can make your life "easier" when they get older.

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