Taron Egerton Reveals the Hardest Part About Becoming Elton John in ‘Rocketman’ – Watch!

Taron Egerton is opening up about playing Elton John in Rocketman.

The 29-year-old actor revealed his “sacrifice” in an interview with E! News.

“I can remember the day we first did those things to my hair. For the ’70s period of the film, we used my own hair in the hope of achieving something very natural. We dyed my hair, we thinned it out and we shaved my hairline up [sighs] further than it already is,” he revealed.

“But it was great really. I found something quite exciting about transforming the way you look a bit, especially as an actor, because it makes you feel different. So whilst I didn’t relish having my forehead bicked every day, because I was worried it wouldn’t grow back, it works really well in the movie.”

He also said he “was under a hat all year. Which is sort of fine a lot of the time, but it’s a bit of a pain when you’re going to dinner or something, but it’s alright. What can you say? It’s all for the art.”

Watch him explain!

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