The Little Couple Star Bill Klein Cant Get Immediate Surgery Despite Broken Elbow

In a note accompanying an X-ray of his fractured right elbow, the TLC personality implores his fans and followers to ‘get vaccinated’ so he could get his ‘elective’ surgery.

AceShowbiz -Bill Klein has opened up about his recent health scare. In a new social media post, “The Little Couple” star revealed that he couldn’t get immediate surgery after breaking his right elbow due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his latest Instagram post, the TLC personality shared an X-ray of his fractured elbow. In his caption, he hinted that the strict COVID protocols prevent him from getting “elective” surgery at this time. He wrote, “Have a super weekend everyone! And get vaccinated 😉 so I can get my ‘elective’ surgery.” He also included hashtags that read, “#ouchthatsmarts #isthereanointmentforthis #istillsay2021isbetterthan2020.”

Elsewhere in his note, Bill recalled how he broke his elbow. “Fun fact, I broke my right elbow when I was 7 after speeding down a hill on my bike, got so winded I blacked out and awoke bloody and broken. This time around, nothing nearly as exciting…,” the 48-year-old shared.

Bill continued telling how he injured himself, “During an attempt to elude a small swarm of wasps, my head forgot that my legs have never ‘run’ (to or away from anything, before, ever), even when chased… and that’s how you plant an elbow on pavers!” The TV personality added, “That was 4 weeks ago 😉 since it wasn’t getting better, I went back for another -ray. This image probably has a few things wrong in it courtesy of my dysplasia.”

In the comment section, many of his followers weighed in on the importance of getting vaccinated. “Yes ppl stop being so selfish and get vaccinated to help our hospitals relieve over crowding for ppl who deserve to b there,” one wrote, while another penned, “Got a warning about covid with this post.”

Meanwhile, some wished for his speedy recovery. “Oh no! hope it heals up well for you. I miss the show, hopefully one day you will be on again,” a fan said. Another Instagram user chimed in, “I’m sorry to hear this and hope you get your surgery as soon as possible.”

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