These "Voting In 2016 Vs. 2020" Memes Are WAY Too Real

As last-minute voters make their way to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3, and all of America awaits the election results, people are taking to Twitter to express how they’re feeling. To say the presidential election is a nail-biter is an understatement, and clearly a ton of Twitter users are feeling the same way. Comparing the last presidential election with this one, these "voting in 2016 vs. voting in 2020" memes will make you LOL, because they’re totally relatable.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to be one of the largest issues in the 2020 election, voting has changed in many states to make up for the influx of mail-in ballots, and voters may not know who the results on Nov. 3. As Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden faces off with President Donald Trump, voters are experiencing heightened anxieties as the clock ticks down and the polls near their close. The 2016 election saw Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton face off with Trump, and the "voting in 2016 vs. voting in 2020" memes definitely show a huge difference in how voters are feeling in the 2020 general election.

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