TikTok’s Zoe Laverne, 19, Apologizes for Kissing 13-Year-Old Fellow TikToker

Zoe Laverne, who is popular on TikTok with 18 million followers, is apologizing for kissing a 13-year-old named Connor, who is also a user on the app.

“I didn’t groom Connor, I wouldn’t do that,” the 19-year-old social media star said in her apology video. “He’s a kid and I’m aware of that. It just happened.”

“We both were in a dark place when we first became friends and we both just ended up catching feelings for each other. And friends do that, they catch feelings for each other. That’s not a bad thing. Yes, the age is a bad thing,” she said. “Yes, it’s wrong. Yes, it’s not good. And We both realized that and we stopped, because we didn’t want to get this out of proportion. We didn’t want this to happen.”

Fans started wondering about the nature of Zoe‘s relationship with Connor when her ex, Cody Orlove, and TikToker Amber VanPelt, had their alleged text messages leaked online. Cody apparently said he ended things with Zoe “because of her interactions with Connor.”

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