Tyler Lepley Shuts Down Rumors That He and Tyler Perry Are Gay

In response to Lepley’s explanation, fans aren’t impressed by how the 33-year-old actor discusses Perry’s sexuality as one person urges the ‘P-Valley’ star to ‘speak for yourself!!!’

AceShowbizTyler Lepley is setting the record straight. The “P-Valley” star discussed rumors saying that he and Tyler Perry, who directs his primetime soap opera “The Have and The Have Nots“, are gay during his appearance on Angela Yee‘s “Lip Service” podcast.

“I remember when I first started out, I was seeing it here and there,” the 33-year-old star said of the rumors. “For whatever reason, people were associating it with my first show.”

Lepley went on saying, “I came out on a Tyler Perry show and for whatever reason he gets a rap like that and I know Tyler [Perry] personally and he’s not gay. I was seen around him and all of a sudden ‘he’s rubbing off on me’ and people felt like I was gay or something like that.”

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Lepley then talked about people’s perception of his masculinity. “I had done something while I was on the set of ‘P-Valley.’ Maybe I was with Clifford or I think I was taking a picture with [J. Alphonse Nicholson] who plays Little Murda, and people started off with the gay thing again,” he recalled. “I think if you have a space that people can’t figure out, they can just create a judgment.”

During the interview, Lepley also spilled to Yee that he’s currently in a committed relationship with a woman. However, the actor refused to share more details of his mystery lover.

Upon watching the clip, however, fans weren’t impressed by how Lepley discussed Perry’s sexuality. “Speak for yourself!!!” someone said in an Instagram comment. Echoing the sentiment, another person wrote, “Baby maybe you shouldn’t speak for him. Cause his tea been out for years.” One user also said, “Speak on your own sexuality. Never any one else’s.”

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