Washington Post Editorial Board Rips GOP: ‘If You’re Arguing About Process, You’re Losing’

The Washington Post editorial board on Thursday used an old adage about politics to suggest the GOP is in real trouble.

In its op-ed titled, “Republicans are wrong on process, too,” the newspaper’s board criticized GOP lawmakers who stormed a secure room Wednesday in the Capitol to protest closed-door deposition hearings in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

“There is an old Washington saying that if you’re arguing about process, you’re losing,” the editorial begins. “A follow-on maxim might be: If you are wrong on process, too, you must really be in trouble.”

Despite the lawmakers’ protests that the proceedings aren’t transparent enough, the board noted that “Republican legislators are present at all of these closed-door sessions and are free to pose questions.”

“The impression Republicans tried to convey, of Democrats cooking up an illegitimate indictment of the president while locking all others out of the room, is a partisan fantasy,” the editorial added.

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