You Would Not BELIEVE How Chill Bradley Cooper & Tom Brady Are About Irina Shayk!

No bad blood here! No bad anything! How are these guys so chill??

Tom Brady and Bradley Cooper seem to be getting along just fine while the former football star’s relationship with Irina Shayk has been heating up! The Russian model and the American Sniper actor dated for four years before calling it quits in 2019 — and even share a daughter, 6-year-old Lea — but they’re proving your ex and your new lover CAN be cool. And Tom is proving even when your GF has sexy vacations with her ex, there’s no reason to get tense! It’s all just… fine!

On Thursday, a source told ET everything is still going great with Bradley and Irina, as they continue to co-parent their child:

“ have a good, healthy co-parenting relationship. They are close and both of them love and prioritize their daughter.”

And as for how the former New England Patriots quarterback fits into the mix? Well, the insider said Bradley “isn’t affected by Irina’s dating life”:

“He’s a happy person and wants her to be happy too.”

That’s a fantastic attitude — if nothing is going on between them. But those vacay pics, we mean… Isn’t there??

But the peaceful, easy feeling seems to be mutual, as they added that Gisele Bündchen‘s ex has no problem with his new lady being close with her baby daddy:

“Tom isn’t bothered by Irina and Bradley being close and there’s no threat there.”


It’s nice how cool and respectful Tom and Bradley seem to be with one another and their relationships to the same woman — it’s definitely a breath of fresh air for no one to be controlling and possessive. But… does anyone else wonder how it’s even possible? Is it too good to be true?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Does something have to give or what?

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