Bargain hunters scramble to B&M desperate to nab £3.99 Dior aftershave dupe that's £105 cheaper than the posh version | The Sun

BARGAIN hunters are racing to B&M, desperate to nab a Dior Sauvage aftershave dupe.

So if you want to smell fresh, or know someone who’s a fan of designer aftershave, you’ll need to listen up.

We all want to turn heads and smell amazing, right? But with fancy aftershaves often costing an arm and a leg, many of us just can’t justify splashing the cash for essentially some scented water.

But now, luckily for you, B&M are selling a dupe of the Dior Sauvage aftershave – and it’s £105 cheaper than the posh version.

Sean Robinson took to social media to alert shoppers to the new dupe – and B&M fans are now scrambling to get their hands on it in time for Christmas. 

Posting on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, a private Facebook group with a staggering 2.3 million members, the savvy shopper shared a picture of his cheap buy and wrote: “If you need a dupe of Dior Sauvage, £3.99 in B&M!”

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While the Dior Sauvage aftershave is a firm favourite with many men, this Visage Pour Homme eau de cologne not only looks almost identical, but apparently smells great too.

So if you can’t justify splashing an eye-watering £109 on the designer spray, this £3.99 option is a much more affordable alternative.

Cheaper than an average Starbucks order, you’ll save £105.01 on this dupe buy, without having to compromise on your scent.

According to B&M, the Scent Favourites 100ml aftershave has an aromatic and alluring scent.

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The top notes are bergamot, mandarin and orange, whilst the middle note is sandalwood and the base notes are tonka beans and vanilla.

This B&M buy will make a great gift for that special man in your life and will be sure to put a smile on his face this Christmas. 

Sean’s Facebook post has clearly left many impressed, as it has quickly amassed 705 likes and 641 comments in just three days.

Social media users were stunned at the cheap buy and many were eager to nab themselves one. 

One person said: “Thanks for posting, just got two, smells exactly the same as Sauvage.”

Another added: “Need to go.” 

A third commented: “I'll have to look tomorrow.”

Whilst another bargain fan penned: “Love this!” 

However, not everyone was as impressed.

One user wrote: “I don't mind that people like cheap alternatives….but it does p**s me off that I spend a good amount of money to smell a particular way just to have every Tom, Richard and Chav smell like it and then I have to find something else I like and pay full price for.”

A second chimed in: “Literally smells good for about five mins then nothing, may as well not bother.” 

Whilst someone else claimed: “I've got it and it smells nothing like dior smells like cat p**s.” 

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At the same time, another designer aftershave fan explained: “No no no no no you can't dupe Dior Sauvage.”

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