Beauty fan reveals hack for making your concealer last so much longer – and all you’ll need is some pliers

THERE are few things more irritating than when you reach the bottom of your concealer but you can’t reach the remaining makeup.

Well one beauty fan has revealed how to use up every last drop of your cover-up, and all you will need is some pliers.

TikTok user Shabaz Says shared his handy tip with his followers.

Speaking in the video, Shabaz says: “This is a life hack for you.

“You know when your concealer is right at the bottom and there’s nothing really coming out.”

He demonstrates how you can continue to scrape the bottom but nothing comes out despite there being an ample amount left.

He then suggests getting a set of pliers to remove the plastic insert at the top of the bottle.

Shabaz then dips his concealer wand back into the bottle and is able to reach all the remaining makeup left over.

“That’s money saving right there” he says, “This is a scam!”

His followers were quick to thank him for the tip, with the post receiving dozens of grateful comments.

One wrote: “This will help me so much!”

“Wow that’s clever!” added another, while a third wrote, “OMG YES THANK YOU”

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