Can you beat 76% of people and find the pilot in the busy airport in less than a minute? | The Sun

WITH the summer holidays in full swing plenty of families are off to the airport for their holidays.

But the long queues for security are not something anyone is pleased with, especially the pilot in this brain teaser.

Bingo company, PlayOJO, has put together a hectic airport-themed brain teaser for you to test your eyesight and patience.

The busy airport scene is filled with people trying to get out of the country and back to their homes.

But there's one person who should be on the plane already but isn't.

So can you spot the pilot in the hectic scene?


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It might be a tough task thanks to the hundreds of people waiting around to get travelling again.

But if you can find him in less than a minute then you could be in the top 24%.

The pilot has decided to walk out so he's definitely not on the plane.

If you still need some help spotting where he is, then try looking along the bottom left of the crowded image.

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If you still can't find him and beat 76% of people by finding him in less than a minute, keep scrolling to find the answer.

British pottery company, Portmeirion, has put together a picnic-themed brainteaser for you to test your search-and-find skills.

Across a traditional gingham blanket, you'll find an assortment of picnic must-haves, such as baskets, hamburgers, bread, fruit, cheese, and plate ware.

But there's one item that doesn't quite go along with the rest.

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