Can you spot the giraffe with no twin in this optical illusion safari? | The Sun

RECKON you have above average observation skills? This one could be a tall order.

A tricky new safari-themed optical illusion is asking people to spot the giraffe that doesn’t have a twin. 

The colourful brain teaser features a total of 19 cartoon giraffes, and all but one have a partner that matches them. 

Can you find the solitary giraffe that doesn’t have an identical buddy?

The long-necked animals are standing in an African scene, with one by a tree and another befriending a butterfly.

While some are looking at one another, others are turned away.

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The trick to finding the odd one out is to look at the giraffes’ eyes, markings, and statures.

Ready for the answer?

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The giraffe that doesn’t have a twin is located in the third row down, second in from the right.

Did you manage to spot it?

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