Celebs jumping on Stacey Solomon's 'tap to tidy' bandwagon – including Sam Faiers & Molly-Mae Hague

WHAT do you think of when you hear the words "tap to tidy"? Chances are, your mind will jump straight to the epic cleaning transformations Stacey Solomon shares on Instagram.

Over the past two years, the Loose Women star has grown a huge social media following thanks to her organisation tips and DIY tutorials – and even hit the 4m follower mark last week.

Tap To Tidy is the Instagram trend Stacey started where she magically clears up any mess in her Essex home with one "tap."

Earlier this week, Stacey revealed she's now even written a book called "Tap to Tidy" – which will include recipes, hacks and DIY tips – off the back of her Instagram success.

But Stacey's tidying hasn't just inspired her millions of followers to deep clean their homes.

Here Fabulous takes a look at the celebs who have also jumped on the social media cleaning bandwagon.

Molly-Mae Hague

Last week, former Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague revealed how she spent a productive day tidying with her boyfriend Tommy Fury.

Inspired by Stacey, the 21-year-old influencer showed the 'tap to tidy' pics of her "messy" home as she went on a cleaning frenzy.

At the beginning of the day, Molly-Mae said the mess in the couple's shared walk-in wardrobe – which doubles up as a filming space – was "embarrassingly" messy as clothes were strewn all over the floor.

Proudly showing off her tidy wardrobe, Molly took an 'after' picture of her clothes and shoes neatly put back in their place while the grey carpet had been vacuumed.

What's more, Molly-Mae's desk was equally as cluttered with beauty products before her epic tidying session.

After clicking through the 'tap to tidy', followers could see that Molly-Mae's work set-up had been restored to its normal purpose – with a lit candle on the side for good measure too.

Sam Faiers

What's more, mum-of-two Sam Faiers is another celeb who has channeled her inner Stacey Solomon with a huge 'tap to tidy' clean-up.

Last week, Sam posted 'before' and 'after' photos of her daughter Rosie's bedroom after she "completely trashed" it during play time.

In the first picture, the room had toys covering almost every inch of the floor.

Sam joked: "I wasn't very happy."

But carefully after putting away each toy, Sam went over the room with the hoover in a separate photo from the "tap to tidy" montage.

She captioned the second image: "Rosie’s ‘big girl bed’ arrives next week.

"Since her cot went she’s been in with us & pushing me out my own bed every night. Now let’s hope it’s an easy transition."

Chloe Patton

It's worth following Teen Mom UK star Chloe Patton on Instagram just for the picture of her adorable five-year-old son – but on her home account, the reality star also shares cleaning tips too.


A post shared by C H L O ÉP A T T O N ♡ (@chloepatton_)

In her "cleaning" highlights on her TheBirch10 account, the 22-year-old filmed herself completing everyday chores using Stacey's "tap to tidy" method.

Sharing a photo of her unmade bed, she wrote: "Tap to make."

In the "after" photo, Chloe's grey velvet bedroom looks like something straight out of the pages of an interiors magazine.

The cleaning fan also applied the technique to Marley's messy bedroom too.

In the first photo, her son's bedroom floor is covered in toys and his duvet is crumpled up on his bed.

After a quick cleaning blitz, Chloe proudly posted an "after" picture of Marley's room – but admitted it "still needs a quick hoover".

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