Chef shares easy way to make sure your turkey is perfectly cooked this Christmas – and tastes dreamy too

THE turkey is arguably the most important part of the Christmas dinner.

But it can be difficult to get it right – with the meat left dry and tasteless if it's cooked incorrectly.

However, chef Gayle Chapman – a favourite on TikTok – has shared the two things she does to ensure a perfect turkey.

First off, in terms of kitchen tools, Gayle uses a meat thermometer so she can be sure when the bird is cooked the whole way through.

"For the turkey this year I’ll be using one of these wireless thermometers that take all of the guesswork out of cooking times," Gayle told

Most thermometers, which are readily available in supermarkets and online, cost around £30.

As for the correct temperature for the bird to reach, Gayle suggests using the temperature in the thickest part of the turkey's inner thigh – this need to reach 73.8C.

It's a good idea to check the wing and the outer thigh too – if they are also both 73.8C then you're good to go.

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Another way Gayle ensures her turkey stays moist and full of flavour is to cook it in a wet brine.

Asked for another secret for a successful turkey, she replied: "Brining in a bucket (so glamorous).

"I’ve found the difference is hard to explain but easy to taste."

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To make Gayle's favoured brine, use 50g of coarse salt for one litre of water.

Heat the brine with half the water and the salt then, once the salt has dissolved, add the rest of the cold water.

Use the brine on uncooked turkey and keep it in the fridge while doing so – using the method of one hour of brining per 500g of meat.

Keep the turkey in the fridge while brining, and brine for one hour per 500g of meat.

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