Cleaning fanatic shares easy way she gets her sofa smelling fresh and it only takes minutes

NEVER worry about a musty sofa or uncomfortable cushions again with this simple cleaning hack from TikTok.

Cleaning fanatic and influencer @washy_wash,has posted to TikTok sharing how she refreshes her cushions and gets her sofa smelling wonderful. Done in just three steps it’s quick, easy, and anyone can do it.

For the first step all you need to do is pack your cushion into a bin bag – put two in one if you need to or use different bags and get all your cushions done at once.

Once the cushion is in the bag, spray it all over. This expert uses Febreze but any scented fabric spray should work, or unscented if you’d rather. 

We suggest picking your favourite scent so your sofa will be nice and fresh and you’ll be happy with the new smell in your house.


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Then all you have to do is vacuum the air out of the bag and leave for 20 minutes. Once the time is up you’ll have nice and fresh cushions for your sofa.

Do this an hour to two before guests come over and you’ll be able to host any event without worry about your sofa. Or just refresh your sofa for your own maximum comfort.

Washy Wash has shared a number of other cleaning tips and tricks with her followers – another of these being how to remove limescale from your sink.

For this all you have to do is soak a towel in white vinegar, put on a faucet for ten minutes, then wash and wipe. You can then use the towel to clean the rest of your sink too.

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Other cleaning tips and tricks shared to TikTok have included this guide on how to correctly vacuum your house and ensure you don’t end up making the floor even dirtier.

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