Delada RTW Spring 2021

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Influenced by Russian director Oleg Teptsov’s surrealist thriller “Mr. Designer,” which chronicles the mental degradation of an artist who thinks the woman he cherishes is a sculpture come to life, Deleda’s new collection focused on deconstructed tailoring and its Russian identity.

The look book model brings to mind some bionic assassin from the Soviet Union era: icy, seductive and dangerous.

She wears familiar tailoring pieces with street influences, sexy leather slipdresses, sleeveless waistcoats and a hybrid design — a dress with a sweatshirt cropped above the bustline and covered by half of a blazer — that are versatile for multiple occasions.

Delada RTW Spring 2021

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Delada’s crossbody bag with tulip motifs. Courtesy

The brand also plans to debut a small collection of bags by its creative director Steven Ma during the upcoming Shanghai Fashion Week. Two key styles include a fitted corset shape tote bag, and a crossbody bag with tulip motifs.

“My part is to develop and evolve those styles that Lada [founder of Delada] has created in the past and bring new elements, which ultimately become items that are not defined by season,” he said.

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“Our conversation is always about inclusivity, diversity and different cultures. Whether it is China, Russia or the U.K. that we both live and work in, I think our backgrounds give us so many inspirations and references that create this dialogue that translates into the collection,” Ma added.

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