‘Entitled’ groom begs to borrow a car for his wedding… then turns down BMW and Tesla because they’re too cheap

BRIDES and grooms have been known to turn up to their weddings in horse-drawn carriages, limos and even Ferraris. 

Which is why one bloke has been slammed as ‘entitled’ after begging for a ride on his wedding day – then turning down cars which he thought were too cheap. 

The husband-to-be shared a request on Facebook, asking if anyone had a car he could borrow for his wedding day. 

It sounds reasonable enough, as he writes the date and time he’ll need the vehicle for. 

And it seems he’s popular enough as a pal responds saying he can use his Telsa, but rather than graciously accepting the groom asks to see a photo.

And after seeing the make of the car, the bloke turns down the offer, saying: “Seriously? A Model 3? Trade it in for a model X and then maybe I’ll consider.” 

The friend appears hurt so snaps back: “Dude, it’s just an option, you don’t have to be a d*** about [it].” 

But the cheeky groom fires back again, saying: “You offer me a mode 3 and you think I’m the d***?”

It seems the guestlist might have one less name, after the car owner replied: “Bro it’s a nice car, it’s brand new. All you have to say is no.” 

The bloke fires back again, writing: “Okay then NO.” 

Despite his petty behaviour, another pal offers up their car instead – a BMW.

They posted: “I will be out of town so I can’t make it to your wedding. You can borrow the M3 if you want.” 

But it’s still not enough for the groom, who turns it down as well. 

He wrote: “Lol no thank you!!

“Looking for something at least over 100k it’s for my wedding not my 18th birthday party.” 

The shocking exchange went viral after it was uploaded to Reddit, with the bloke branded ‘entitled’ for his snobby attitude. 

Commenting on the post, one person said: “He calls others broke when he doesn’t have a car.”

Another wrote: “Man. I wish I had friends that are willing to loan me a Tesla or BMW.”

A third added: “Why does this guy have two people willing to offer their car to him? I’d go to my wedding with a f****** golf cart if I was offered.” 

Someone else commented: “M3 for my wedding, I would take that everyday.”

While this person added: “Something tells me these people don't want to be his friend anymore.”

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