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A GARDENING influencer revealed just how easy it is to grow chickpeas, which has left avid green fingers stunned.

Instagrammer @garderning_ideas posted the clip on social media, which informed viewers on how they could grow the sought after legume in their backyard and even make their own hummus.

The video guided fans from the initial stages of germination all the way through to harvesting.

The man said: "Place chickpeas in water overnight.

"Rinse with fresh water the next day.

"Leave a few days for chickpeas to grow tails and then place them in compost."


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The footage then cut to a sprouting chickpea plant that was green-leafed and the size of a small plant.

Eventually, it was seen at full-size with pods growing everywhere.

The man said: "Shell the pods to make homemade hummus.

"Save a few seeds to sow next year… your seeds will go on and on."

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The informative clip attracted more than 35,000 likes and left most foodies amazed.

"I had no idea what a chickpea plant looks like," an Instagram user said.

"Wow I had no idea either, it looks similar to moringa," one added.

"Wow so cool, we eat green pods like that in Pakistan as well," a second remarked.

"Some things are just not worth the effort or time," a third commented.

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