Get a FREE hot chocolate in McDonald’s with this clever trick that’s going viral on TikTok

A MCDONALD’S fan has revealed how you can get a hot chocolate for free in the fast food restaurant.

TikTok user Kyle shared his simple tip with his followers that will get you a free hot drink in store – as long as you know what to ask for.

Kyle explains that you simply need to approach a cashier and ask for a free cup of hot water as well as two sachets of chocolate sauce or more if “you wanna spice things up.”

Stir the chocolate sauces into the hot water and mix well until the liquids are completely combined.

And that’s it! Drink up and enjoy.

The video has since gone viral, amassing over 535,000 likes on social media and hundreds of comments from grateful customers.

One wrote: “That looks legit and good!”

“That’s basically all their hot chocolate is” added an ex-McDonald’s worker.

A third wrote: “I’m trying this!”

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