Girl, 4, has total meltdown when she hears McDonald’s and Nando's are shut… as she’ll have to live off mum’s cooking

IT'S not everyday we can relate to a four-year-old having a tantrum… but then we found out McDonald's and Nando's have shut due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Layla-Rae Charlton went into full-on meltdown yesterday when she discovered her two favourite fast food chains had temporarily closed their doors as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

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The four-year-old, from Chelmsford, Essex, burst into tears when it dawned on her that she'd have to survive on her mum's cooking alone.

Luckily, Layla-Rae's mum Joanne found the whole thing hilarious and filmed her "drama queen" daughter's meltdown to share with family and friends.

In the video, Joanna lists all the takeaways that have had to shut down – including KFC, Nando's, and McDonald's – while Layla-Rae cries in horror.

Struggling to compose herself, the four-year-old then meekly asked her mum: "Are Chinese closed too?"

And when she's told she can only have "mummy's cooking" for the foreseeable future, Layla-Rae can't hold back her sobs. And to be honest, we can all relate to how the the four- year-old feels right now.

Joanne then shared the hilarious footage to her Facebook page – where it's since racked up over 135,000 "likes", comments and shares.

The mum explained: "We were sitting down talking and she has been a bit bored obviously as we have been in isolation.

“I had been saying all day that we were going to have one last McDonald's and I thought I haven’t really been telling her why I kept saying that.

“I am very honest with her about what is happening in the world at the moment and I thought I’d explain to her the reasons why as it felt like a good time.

"She knows Boris Johnson by now and she says to me ‘mummy does Boris Johnson say we can go to the park today’ and I tell her I’m going to have to speak to him to see what he says."

Joanne then started to explain why the Prime Minister was having to shut all the shops and thought it would be a good time to let her daughter down gently about her favourite takeaways.

The mum continued: "I said ‘Layla you do realise that Mcdonald's is closing and is going to be closed for a long time’ and then she started crying a bit and I thought I would pick up my phone to see where this goes.


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“Then she kept on crying as she does like McDonald's – but doesn’t eat it all the time.

“Afterwards she just cuddled me and then went upstairs to bed and called her nana.”

Although she found the whole thing hilarious, Joanne says she always thought her daughter liked her cooking – and that four-year-old Layla-Rae isn't always the easiest to cater for.

She added: "She can be very hard to cook for because she says ‘no I don’t want that’, but she can be very easily persuaded as she’s tried different meals.

“When she was going to a childminder she was eating a variety of food, but when she came home she would say ‘I don’t like sweetcorn’ and I said ‘you ate it earlier’ and she said ‘I don’t like it now and I don’t like it here’.

"That’s just a four-year-old trying to make their stance really."

If Layla-Rae has to choose her favourite takeaway though, it's got to be McDonald's.

Joanne said: “She wants to go to McDonald's purely for the toys to see which one she’s going to get.

“With most takeaways it’s very hit or miss whether she’s actually going to eat it or not.

“If we ask her what she wants she will say KFC as she likes chicken and chips and loves dipping her chips in the gravy."

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