Guy shares easy hack to make sure your McDonald's burger is ALWAYS fresh – and it's all about timing

A GUY has revealed his secret hack for making sure his McDonald’s burger is always fresh – and it’s all down to when you order during the day. 

TikTok user and McDonald’s fan Dre Pao claims the best time to order is between 12-2 and 5-7. 

He said in a video: “Do you want to guarantee a fresh warm burger every time you visit McDonald’s?”

The fast food lover said you should visit between the two time brackets and always ask for a receipt.

Dre Pao claimed: “This is when McDonald employees are told they may get random spot check checking for freshness. 

“And they know an inspector always asks for a receipt.”

Many people were quick to add in the comments that asking for a customised burger, such as “without gherkins” or “no sauce” also ensures that your burger is freshly made. 

Some UK-based people pointed out that the system may be different to America, where Dre is from, and added that the area managers do the fresh test instead of random inspectors. 

However, the personalised burger hack may just do the trick. 

One person added: “Or just ask for no cheese. Here in the UK they have to make a fresh one if it is a custom order.”

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