Halle Berry Reminisces About Her Signature '90s Pixie Cut: 'I Felt Like My Best Self'

Halle Berry credits her pixie cut for helping her break into the acting industry.

The actress, 52, revealed that it wasn’t until after she chopped off her long hair that she finally booked her first acting gig as Emily Franklin on the 1980’s sitcom Living Dolls.

“I think that was because the directors and producers actually saw me,” Berry told InStyle, while reflecting on past cover shoots for the fashion magazine’s 25th Anniversary Issue. “Before that, I had long hair like every other girl like me. When I got this haircut, I felt like my best self.”

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The look soon became her signature: “It was just all me take it or leave it, love it or hate it,” she told the outlet. “I was who I was.”

She famously sported short hair — and a mesh embroidered Ellie Saab gown — when she accepted her first Academy Award for Monster Ball in 2002 but hasn’t rocked the look many times since.

As the 1990’s faded out, so did Berry’s pixie cut.

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But during her InStyle interview, Berry reassured fans that she too loved the hair style and promised to revive it.

“I have an affinity for short hair and I’ll go back [to it],” she told the outlet.

She also opened up about bringing diversity to the pages of high-fashion magazines.

“You know, 20 years ago, Black faces on magazine covers were few and far between,” she shares in an “As Told To” essay with InStyle‘s editor-in-chief Laura Brown. “Those early covers, like my first one for InStyle in 2000, meant so much to me because I knew what it meant to other Black women and Black little girls to see themselves represented in popular culture.”

Two decades later the actress, who just played an assassin opposite Keanu Reeves in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum, proves that age is just a number.

In March, the Oscar winner showed off what appeared to be a massive tattoo along her back with the caption, “Who says I’m not a mermaid.”

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Who says I’m not a mermaid ?‍♀️

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While Berry later revealed the design was just a temporary tattoo that she was experimenting with for a movie role, the Instagram snap received plenty of flame and heart eye emojis from fans and followers in the comment section.

She showed off the whole design, which features a long vine along her spine that extends from the nape of her neck to her waist with leaves branching out down her back, wearing a sparkly mermaid-like skirt, while facing the stove top holding an egg and a spatula.

“I am starting a new movie in a few months so I’m trying out different tattoos to see what will fit best for my character,” Berry confessed during an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. “I’m discovering how long will they last, how much wear will I get out of one, so I know how much it’s all going to cost.”

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