Here Is The Ultra-Cozy Headwear That Will Help You Achieve Rihanna’s Fur Hat Looks

It’s one thing for the temperature to drop, but adding freezing wind chills to the mix takes the cold to another level. That being said, we must amp up our wardrobe and double down on the layers to stay warm. Heavy coats are essential, and these days there are plenty of stylish options available, but we must remember bundling up above the neck is just as important. Good news is we’re here to steer you in the right direction to make sure your head is protected from the frigid gusts of wind. Slouchy beanies and earmuffs used to be the go-to solutions, but it’s no secret that those items aren’t always the most flattering. But thankfully fashion has progressed and now, there are desirable ways to stay warm head to toe. Even Rihanna, the fashion icon herself, has leaned into fluffy headwear to top off some of her most fun, fashion-forward looks to date.

Ahead, we’ve gathered the exact hats worn by Rihanna and a number of other really enticing choices to create a one stop shop that will help you find the furry hat of your dreams — see ahead.

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