How to Make Your Engagement Ring Look a Whole Lot More Expensive Than It Is

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Best Engagement Ring Settings

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: the most important thing about your engagement ring is that you love it, not that you immediately know and approve of how much it costs. That said, there are so many ways to customize a sparkler that will make friends, family, and Instagram followers (you know how it is) go wild. Wide-eyed, they’ll ask you, or rather slide into your DMs: “What type of stone is that? What’s the band made of?!” And I’m sure you know at least one gal that’s always guessing carat size at her first glimpse of a ring, whether it’s a BFF’s or a celebrity’s.

While I’m still adamant that the price tag is of no real importance, I was curious to talk to a pro about little hacks for designing a mind-blowing ring that feels special and unique. Stephanie Muehlhausen, Women’s Accessories Senior Fashion Director for Macy’s, talked to me about the trend shifts she’s noticing for 2019 brides-to-be and the gems that are reigning supreme.

Stephanie said that most women are pining for emerald, pear, or oval shapes right now and they’re increasingly struck by aquamarine, blue topaz, prasiolite, and emerald stones when it comes to color. But how can you synchronize these little details to craft a piece that’s truly jaw-dropping? Well, there are three ways to make your engagement ring appear more expensive than it actually is, even though, you know, money is really no matter.

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