I didn’t do washing for a year – there was a clothes mountain covered in mould but I don't care, I buy cheap new stuff | The Sun

DOING the washing is a household task that many people hate doing – after all, it is pretty time-consuming and can often feel like a chore.

But it’s something that has got to be done, right?

One woman has revealed that she didn’t do any washing for a whole year and instead just kept buying herself cheap clothes.

Shizz, known on TikTok as @atotalshizzshow, describes herself as a ‘lazy girl’ and regularly posts decluttering videos to the video sharing platform. 

But the woman has left her 22.8k social media followers in utter shock, as she recently revealed that she didn’t do any clothes washing for a whole year.

Yes, you heard that correctly – she explained that she didn’t wash any of her clothes for a whole 365 days.

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The woman revealed that she let her washing pile up all over her home – in three different bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Not only this, but she explained that her clothes were left covered in mould too. 

But the woman confirmed that rather than doing the washing, she prefers to just keep buying clothes, from bargain American store Target.

She posted a clip to the social media platform, showing off the huge piles of dirty clothing, with the caption ‘Found out this is not what ya’ll meant by #laundryoverload. Let this be your reminder to do laundry more often than me’.

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She said: “When you decide it’s time to do laundry after letting it pile up for a year”.

In the video, the woman shows off her huge laundry mountains and we see her sifting through her huge piles of washing.

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She empties her laundry bins onto the floor and organises them into colours.

There’s a variety of different piles of clothes, ready to finally be washed – there’s piles of denim, oranges, blacks, whites, blues and greens.

But the woman’s video has left many in complete and utter shock and has quickly racked up a whopping 503.9k views in just one day. 

It has 60.9k likes, 1,095 comments and 1,528 shares.

TikTok users were left baffled as to why the woman didn’t wash her clothes for so long and took to the comments to ask for more information. 

One person said: “For a year???? Did you keep buying clothes?” to which the woman confirmed “Precisely”. 

Another added: “Was their mould?”, to which the TikTok user confirmed “There was so much”.

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A third asked: “How do you have space for all that?” to which the woman responded “3 bedrooms, 2 baths. We find the space”.

Someone else cheekily commented: “Sheins #1 customer” to which the woman explained “Hmm… I’m more of a Target girl. Cute though”.

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