I flushed condoms down the LOO when I first had sex so my parents wouldn’t see – but it made things 100 times worse

WE’VE all had a cringeworthy moment we’d rather forget, but one woman’s condom story may take the biscuit.

TikTok user @deserearachel, revealed what happened when she tried to hide the contraceptive item from her parents at home.

She claims: “So when I first started doing the dirty, I flushed condoms down the toilet so my parents wouldn’t see them in the garbage.”

The 18-year-old alleges that at the time she figured if she “wrapped it in toilet paper it would be fine.”

However, she was sadly mistaken, and her situation took a turn for the worse.

She continued: “I continued to flush them for four months until my toilet stopped flushing.

“My mum tried plunging it and nothing worked so she called a plumber to come and look at it.

“The plumber came and said they would have to dig up my front yard to get to it and fix it bc nothing was working.”

After the job was completed, Deserea said she was panicking all day that the truth would come out – and it did. 

Her parents eventually confronted her and her brother at dinner, and she was given the blame after her brother denied the condoms were his.

She added that she was grounded for weeks.

While it hasn’t been confirmed if her story was genuine, the video has racked up 78,000 likes.

One person wrote: “I’m a plumber and I have a similar story about a customer, but it ruined a marriage.”

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