I got a lip blush tattoo – my mum was so embarrassed by how I looked she refused to go round the supermarket with me | The Sun

IT'S a beauty treatment that has risen in popularity in recent months – with loads of women keen to try different ways to get a bigger pout.

But one woman who decided to get a lip blush tattoo was left so swollen afterwards that her mum refused to go round the supermarket with her.

Sharing a TikTok video of herself with a trolley, as her mum walked hastily in front of her, Natalie Millar wrote over it: "When your mum won’t stay beside you, because you got your lip blush tattoo and look ridiculous with swelling."

She then removed her mask to show her lips, which looked pink and swollen.

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattooing procedure which uses small needles to deposit pigment into the lips.

The swelling after the procedure usually goes down in around two days.

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However, the lips can feel tights and "sunburned" in the days following the blushing.

"I've had this done and no swelling," one person commented on the video.

"If this is real I'd be asking for a refund."

To which Natalie replied: "It's all away now.

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"Because I had filler in my lips still from over a year ago, they can swell up more."

"wetting myself at this," another added.

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While a third commented: "Quack quack."

"I definitely feel like one at the moment," Natalie replied.

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