I had a terrifying first date – he told me I ‘owed’ him because he paid for our $12 meal but it gets worse

A WOMAN has recalled the “scariest” first date of her entire life, which she said occurred a “lifetime ago.”

She claimed her date would not let her leave his vehicle because she “owed” him for paying for their meal – but she came up with a genius plan to get out of the scary situation.

“Since my brand has become s**tting on men for their terrible choices in dating, I thought I would talk about my terrible choices in dating men,” the TikToker, whose name is Kaity, said at the top of her video.

She went on to explain that the terrifying experience occurred when she was 18 or 19 years old and living with her mother in California. 

The date took place at an In-N-Out Burger, which was only a two-minute drive from her house.

However, she took the bus instead of having her date pick her up and learn where she lived.

Kaity explained that the guy was “cool” and the date was “super nice,” which made her feel more comfortable with the man.

“Since I had taken the bus he offered to drive me home and he had been normal, he had been cool, he had paid for the date, everything had gone well, so I was like, ‘You know what? If it saves me a trip on the bus, that’d be cool,’” she said.

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“‘I’ll just have him drop me at the corner instead of at my actual house.’”

Unfortunately, breaking her one rule proved to be a terrible decision. 

As Kaity guided the man to her street, he passed it and kept driving. 

“My heart sinks into my stomach, but I’m holding out hope and I say, ‘Hey you missed the turn,’ and he says, ‘I know. I’m not done with you yet,’” Kaity claimed.

When she asked her date what that meant, he replied: “‘Well I paid. I paid for your food, so you owe me.’”

Kaity was absolutely shocked by what she heard and explained in her video that In-N-Out prices are super low.

“I don’t know what the f**k he thought the going rate was for that kind of service,” she sarcastically commented. 

Kaity said she debated jumping out of the car but decided her date was driving “too fast” to make such an action safe, so she put on her acting face after a moment of “divine inspiration.”

In a sweet, high-pitched voice, she said: “I gave him the whole: ‘Oh my God, you know what? You’re totally right.

“I am so sorry that I was so unreasonable before.

“If you would just like pull over, I would be totally happy to do that for you, but like I’m not gonna do it while you are driving.’” 

As soon as the car slowed down, she “tucked and rolled” out of it and ran inside a Carl’s Jr. to hide in the crowd.

Kaity said her date circled the block for about 10 minutes before he gave up looking for her, and she returned home after walking the longest route possible to her house.

She said she did not tell her mom about what happened because she did not want to be berated, and simply kept it to herself until now.

“Learn from my mistakes,” she said. 

“Do not get in anybody’s car on a first date.”

Kaity also said if she were to find herself in the same situation now, she would call the cops.

As a teenager, she was too nervous to do anything and was just relieved to be out of the situation.

According to Tinder's dating safety page, Kaity's original plan to arrive to the date and leave alone was a positive choice, as the page says: "We want you to be in control of how you get to and from your date so that you can leave whenever you want.”

It also warns against giving out personal information, such as a home address, which Kaity never did.

The eyebrow-raising video was met with an outpouring of support and stories from many people who could relate. 

“My wife says I'm irrational for constantly worrying something will happen to her or our girls,” one father commented.

“Men like that are why I worry.”

“I've heard: ‘I paid, so you owe me,’ enough times that I no longer let my dates pay,” another TikToker wrote. 

“Don’t trust anyone from Tinder,” another person warned. 

Unfortunately, Kaity is not the only person who has opened up about an awful dating experience online. 

Another TikToker previously said she went on a date with a man only to meet his other date at the party they were all at.

A second woman claimed a guy she had been seeing crossed her physical boundaries and tried to make up for it by sucking her thumb and biting on her fingernails. 

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

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