I invited my friend for Christmas so she wouldn't be alone – now she's demanding her family come, but wants ME to pay

A WOMAN who had kindly invited her friend over on Christmas Day, to ensure she wouldn't have to spend it alone, was stunned after the guest then tried to bring four extra mouths to feed too.

Posting to Mumsnet, she shared her 'guilt' after she invited her friend to her house on the big day, thinking she would spend it alone, only to have to then tell her she can't come over on Christmas anymore.

Following the invite, her 'friend' expected to be able to come to her house with her three children and her ex.

The mum explained that:"She is coming to ours like normal. Except this morning I got a text from her letting me know that her ex has his kids this Christmas so it'll be the five of them at mine."

The mum explained that her friend usually joins her during the holidays but this year she had not invited her as she enjoyed spending the day with just her own husband and daughter last year.

The poster wrote: "This year friend decided to go to her home country as she now has a baby, although she split from the dad last year.


"She now can't go as covid is kicking off again so is coming to ours like normal."

Christmas is a time to be giving and extend your hospitality, but for this friend, her welcome extended further than she first thought.

As for her reaction to the unexpected guests: "I messaged her back saying WTF? She's always welcome but he wasn't invited.

"She's just rung me and is really annoyed/upset as of course her ex wants to spend Christmas with his children.

"Great, let him crack on with it. But not at my house and at my expense."

She continued: "I'll be honest, pre covid I would probably have agreed to it as we always had lots of extras for Christmas (30-40 people) but things are different now."

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The posters daughter is also immunocompromised, 'so unnecessary guests are a risk' and it's not one she's willing to take.

The mum made it very clear she was not going to welcome the unexpected guests, despite 'excluding people at Christmas feels really bad', she has 'absolutely no intention of changing my mind.'

The forum was flooded with commenters who agreed her 'friend' had taken it too far and the mum was right to stand her ground.

One person sensibly suggested: "Just say sorry it's too many people for my daughter who's immuno compromised and I wouldn't feel comfortable. Maybe it'll be nicer if we each have our own family Christmases? I.e she can be at home with partner and step kids and you can be at home with your family. Or as an alternative ask her for a contribution to the hosting I.e paying for some food, bringing drinks and dessert etc."

Another assured the mum, saying: "Don't feel bad about it, your friend is being an entitled pain in the arse. I'm sure she and her ex and his children will have a lovely Christmas at hers. Or his. Wherever. Not your problem."

A third added: "Very cheeky of her to assume."

"I would just explain this to her and that you can't allow it. Do you always host?" suggester another commenter.

Another wrote: "Five people at your expense?! Who are likely to p**s each other off and argue? Haha, no thanks!"

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