I let tattoo artist ink my face with surprise tattoo – I was horrified by symbol he drew & the twisted reason he did it | The Sun

A YOUNG woman has told of her embarrassment after a renowned Californian tattoo artist inked the worst thing he could possibly have on her face.

Posting on TikTok, the woman who goes by 'nygf' went on to explain the incident that had happened in picturesque Laguna Beach when she was just 21.

"I don’t tell people the story because it is extremely embarrassing for me but now that I am getting it removed, I will tell you," she said from her bed.

The young woman explains that she was a "dancer" in her early 20s, and was in a "You Only Live Once" – known as YOLO – phase.

"I was having a beach day with my friend and she told me her friend owned this tattoo shop in Laguna Beach; she said we should go, maybe hang out there and get some tattoos."

"When [the tattoo artist] asked what I wanted I said: "YOLO, let’s do a face tattoo; who cares?"."


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As her black dog sneaks behind her pillow, the young woman continues to explain that she had asked the artist to ink crystals between her left side ear and her draw.

The tattoo artist went on to tell her the idea was "stupid", and that it would "not look good".

"You should just trust me, you should do what I want. It’s going to come out good," is what he said to convince her.

The TikToker, who suffers with extreme anxiety, said that she didn't like to stick for herself and tell people no.

She agreed to drop her idea.

"I was thinking he owns this shop, he’s a professional, and it’s a very nice shop. His tattoos are usually extremely expensive and he’s doing it for free."

Believing he knew best, she let her anxiety go. 

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"So he tattoos my face and then I get to the mirror," she said, posting a photo taken just after the inking.

"As you can see, the look on my face… I was not […] amused. I was not happy. "

"Behind me, he’s dying laughing. Something is hilarious to this man." 

The artist then asked her if she wanted to know what the tattoo represented, and explained that instead of crystals, he had inked an ornament from a one dollar note. 

“Do you get the joke? Because I’m a stripper, he branded me [with a one dollar note] for the rest of my life on my face."

She added: "So for the rest of the seven years I have had this on my face, anytime someone would ask me what my tattoo is, I lie because it is so embarrassing and humiliating."

Now a mum, the TikToker is no longer dancing and says that part of her life is in the past.

"Moral of the story? Do you let me pressure you into doing things you do not want to do. Stand up for yourself and speak up for yourself," she stated.

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The TikToker said she can now afford to get it removed – a procedure she also displays on TikTok in her videos.

Tattoo removal pain is considered to be comparable to that of a sunburn as the laser user pulses of high-intensity to pierce through the upper layer of skin and break the ink pigments.

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