I spend £32k a year on designer bags & clothes to be an influencer – people say I'm too flashy but they're just jealous

A WOMAN has revealed she spends £32,000 a year on designer bags and clothes in her quest to be a huge influencer – and says people who criticise her are just jealous.

Julie Hauptmann, 52, forks out £17,800 ($23,600) every year adding to her bag collection and a further £15,000 ($20,000) on clothes – so she can look the part on social media.

The mum-of-two, who lives in LA's glamorous Orange County – funds her designer habit with the proceeds of her husband Nil's millionaire property empire, and admits she's spending more than she's making with her influencer career.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Julie, who's mum to Christine, 30, and Olivia, 28, said: "I've spent £53,600 ($70,000) in three years on designer bags.

"I buy all my bags in Italy or Paris, we travel to Paris every year, flying business class.

"I spend a lot on clothes too, maybe £15,000 ($20,000) a year, although my husband would kill me if he knew that. I love Gucci, Zimmerman and Dolce & Gabbana.

"I’m definitely spending more on my Instagram account than it is making, but I love dressing this way for my personal life too so I don't think it's a waste.

"I try not to think about how much I'm spending."

Julie, who is originally from Manilla, Philippines, started blogging in 2017, after quitting her at a large accountancy company due to severe acid reflux.

But as her following grew, Julie's collection of designer bags was targeted by burglars.

I’m definitely spending more on my Instagram account than it is making, but I love dressing this way for my personal life too so I don't think it's a waste

She said: "I quit my job in 2017. I was already documenting my travel and lifestyle on social media but started posting more regularly because I had more time, and started my page Jules Cali.

"My Instagram has always been about carrying expensive bags with me to all these different destinations.

"Then in October 2017, I went to a party and my house was broken into.

"They took almost all my bags – all my classic pieces and my first Hermes, which I got in April 2017 after three years on the waiting list.

"That was my most expensive bag. I bought it for £9,200 ($12,000) in 2017, but now it would be worth about £13,000 ($17,000) now, you have to invest a lot to get a Hermes bag.

"You have to buy shoes and home pieces, because you have to already be a customer in order to get a Birkin.

"At the time, the total stolen value was about £38,000 ($50,000) but now it’s more like £53,600 ($70,000) because they increase in value.

"We live in a very nice neighbourhood so we didn't have a security camera at the time.

"They broke into our patio, took my bags and used our pillows as the loot bags.

"Straight away I thought ‘somebody’s following me’, probably from my Instagram, because I was documenting my time.

"We reported it to the police and I thought it was social media related but we don’t know for sure, because they never caught them.

"I couldn't believe someone had invaded our privacy like that. I was shaking and crying for days about my bags.

"Luckily we got some money from the insurance, but it didn't cover what we lost."

As an influencer, Julie works with brands including Revolve, Revlon, Medispa and Sulwhasoo – with her expensive arm candy essential to her luxury account.

After recovering from the shock, Julie started recreating her designer bag collection from scratch.

She said: "It's not all for my Instagram, I'm passionate about designer bags, but it does help with my status online too.

"I worry about the thieves coming back as they've never been caught, but I won't let it stop me living my life. We've installed a security camera now too.

I don’t have credit card debt and I deserve everything I have. I don't think my collection is excessive, I just buy what I need

"My handbags are mostly Chanel and Dior, I have Christian Louboutin and Chloe too.

"I really want another Hermes but I’m scared to buy one of those again.

"I love Gucci too. I have a classic clutch bag which my mum gave me when I was a teenager, that was my first designer bag. I still have that today, luckily it wasn't stolen.

"My mum owned a jewellery and clothing import business so I travelled a lot from a young age, that's where I got my passion for designer clothes."

Julie’s designer handbag collection

Six classic Chanel handbags – £20,000

Gucci clutch from the 80s – gift from Julie's mum

Christian Dior book tote – £2,200

Dior saddle pouch bag – £1,350

More bags from Chloe, Dior & Christian Dior

Total bag collection: £53,000

Last year, Julie went on five star holidays to Bali, Singapore, Madrid, Barcelona, New York for Fashion Week, Berlin, Swiss ski resort Zermatt and spent Christmas in Paris.

She has an impressive 86,000 followers on her blog Jules Cali, but not everyone's happy about her flaunting her lavish lifestyle.

Julie insists she works hard for what she's got. As well as being an influencer, she has a small bookkeeping company and supports her husband in the property business.

She said: "I’m very happy about my following. I have a big luxury audience but I get a lot of negative DMs.

"People say stuff like ‘it’s a pandemic, you are insensitive.

"I’m sure I have followers who are struggling at the moment. They say ‘the economy is coming down and you’re still posting your luxury’, things like that.

"I get told "be more humble" too. I get a lot of that, but my page is all about inspiration. Everyone is different, dressing up helps me cope with what's going on.

"This is my lifestyle, I just want to show the real me. I don't think I brag, this is just how I dress.

"I just ignore the trolls. I work hard, I’m an independent woman with my own business.

"I don’t have credit card debt and I deserve everything I have.

"I don’t think my collection is excessive, I just buy what I need. I wouldn’t buy two really similar bags, my collection is just right for my style.

"People are just jealous of my success and my lifestyle. You can't avoid jealousy on social media."

You can follow Julie on Instagram here.

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