I told my date I'm plus size before we met up… his response left me stunned but I love my body | The Sun

A WOMAN was left stunned by her Hinge date's response when she told him she was plus-size.

Rach Hollindaise took to TikTok to explain that she wanted to give the man a heads up before they met.

"So I’m meant to go on a date with a guy tomorrow and I said to him, ‘Hey look, I’m plus size – I’m a proud plus size girl, I’m not self-conscious about my weight or anything like that'," she said.

"And he responded with, ‘As long as you’re not a whale, I will still go on a date with you.’"

After struggling to regain her composure, she then asked him what his "definition of a whale" was, adding she "just wanted to know".

"And he was like, ‘As long as you’re not obese’," she continued.

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"And after like a minute of not replying, he said, ‘Are you done being self-conscious, can we move on?’"

By that point, she'd had enough, as she concluded: "So I’m not going on a date with him anymore – I’m going to go on a date with my best friend instead."

She captioned her video: "Moral of the story, don’t date guys from hinge!"

The comments section was quickly filled with supportive remarks from other women, with one writing: "His loss!!

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"You’re beautiful no matter the number on the scale."

"Oh girl I’ve been there!" another added.

"Guys can be so cruel!! Glad you value yourself more than some guys opinion!

"You got this queen!"

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"Yeah would never let a man speak to me like that," a third commented.

"Especially if he wanted me to use my time effort and money to hang with him."

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