I tried & tested a viral ‘glass skin’ hack – it felt so wrong but the results speak for themselves & it only cost me 65p | The Sun

THERE are so many beauty tips and tricks these days, it may leave you feeling a bit torn on what actually works and what doesn’t. 

And with life being so expensive right now, most people are probably looking for something that is cheap and doesn’t cause a flare up in the skin.

So it’s great that beauty fans are taking to TikTok to share their results after trying and testing out a product. 

And it’s even better when the product doesn’t cost a fortune and is easily accessible too. 

Tatyana, who goes by the name of tatlafata on TikTok, has shared the results of testing out a viral skin hack which is said to give a glass effect on the face. 

The beauty trick only involves two ingredients – and you most probably already have it in your kitchen cupboard. 



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The ingredients include bicarbonate of soda, which costs 65p for Stockwell & Co. Bicarbonate of Soda from Tesco, and water.

Beauty fans claim that the concoction can be used as an exfoliator and done before bedtime.

Firstly, Tatyana makes sure her sponge is soaked in water before sprinkling bicarbonate of soda onto it. 

She then squeezes the sponge together so it’s mixed and then starts scrubbing it on her face. 

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Throughout this process, Tatyana is filming herself and sharing the video to her 285k followers. 

Talking about the viral beauty hack, she says: “I can’t not try that, so hopefully it doesn’t destroy my skin.”

Whilst using the scrub on her face, she adds: “This feels really wrong, like extremely wrong. It doesn’t really sting or anything.”

After washing it off, Tatyana then presents her face to the camera which appears to be clear with a slight glow.

She says: “Doesn’t look irritated, it doesn’t feel dry but I'm going to check back in the morning because I guess that’s when the real results kick in.”

Tatyana then goes to bed, and films the results of her face the next morning. 

She says: “Look how shiny my forehead looks, I haven’t even touched it yet. Maybe I will start using this as my exfoliator, three times a week.” 

The video has gone viral with over 65k people liking the video. 

Many beauty fans rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “I suffer from hormonal acne, I’ve been using a lot of products and nothing! Saw this girl's video and started to use it, and HELPED ME so much.”

Tatyana replied: “Omg so nice to hear it worked for you.” 

Another added: “I mix a bit of baking soda with my cleanser and it’s like a 2in1 exfoliator. My skin is amazing and I love it. Been doing this for a while.” 

But some others were left confused and couldn’t understand how using bicarbonate of soda worked. 

One wrote: “This is how I clean my sink?!?! I’m stressed.” 

Another also suggested using organic bicarbonate of soda instead. 

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They wrote: “I have a feeling organic baking soda might be best for this.

"The store bought brand has aluminium in it which might not be good for skin.”

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