I used to be a cheerleader but now I’m a blue-collar babe – haters say girls can’t be mechanics but I prove them wrong | The Sun

A FORMER cheerleader shared her unexpected career choice.

TikTok user Rachel swapped her pompoms for a wrench after qualifying as a mechanic.

In one video, Rachel reminisced on the time she spent with her former cheer team.

Using a viral TikTok audio from DC's Harley Quinn, the mechanic said: "I used to be a cheerleader too."

Rachel accompanied the sound with a black-and-white picture of her in her cheer uniform.

A cartoon villain can be heard telling Harley: "You have lost yourself to madness."

"I changed career paths," Rachel lip-synced to the audio as she showed herself at work.

In a second video, the TikTok user shared her response to haters who say "girls can't be mechanics."

The self-described "blue-collar babe" used a remix of the song Saturday Night Lights by TCvsChanze to illustrate her point.

"I'll be damned if I listen to the opinion of a man with an unwashed a**," Rachel sang as she worked on a car.

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TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

"Yo I was also a cheerleader turned mechanic," wrote one viewer.

Referencing Rachel's haters, another follower said she is "proving them wrong."

"I am so tired of hearing the bs! Anybody with a good work ethic is a good mechanic or tech!" commented a third person.

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